Posted on 10.9.2018

Community events in retrospect: WordCamp Nagpur, JrDev Singapore Meetup & more!

We are always excited to take part in events around the world. The local tech communities have been very welcoming and we are glad to be able to join up with the enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific region. Here’s a quick recap of some of the events and what more is still to come.

WordCamp Nagpur

We took part in supporting the WordCamp Nagpur 2018 conference focusing on everything WordPress. WordCamp is a global movement of WordPress experts that hold informal, community-organised events near you. The events are open to everyone from casual users to core developers to participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

WordCamp Nagpur 2018 group picture

The WordCamp Nagpur was held at the Chitnavis Centre in Nagpur, India on Sat 21st of July. High-five to everyone who took part! UpCloud sponsored the Plugin Pratiyogita developer competition and providing the infrastructure for the participating developers. The event was a great success and we were happy to offer our blazingly fast cloud servers for the competitors to test and develop on. Furthermore, we are of course looking forward to hosting future events together with the WordCamp communities.

JrDev Singapore Meetup

The Junior Developers Singapore is a group of techies who look to help new and aspiring developers learn and kickstart their careers. They host bi-monthly get-togethers alternating with social meetups and hack nights. The hands-on nights with coding encourage young devs to bring their laptops and get cracking on tutorials, walkthroughs or whatever they fancy. There are always mentors on hand to help out when needed.

JrDev Singapore 2018 presentation

We hosted the JuniorDevSG Social meetup that was held on August 13th to much celebration of young talent. The event included keynote speakers like Chin Suyuen, Founder of Momo Central, and Justin Lee, former developer evangelist at IBM and Microsoft. The discussion through the evening revolved around recent development trends and best practices. If you are from the area, make sure to check out their Meetup page for new events.

Upcoming Slush Singapore 2018

Slush is a long-running major event held annually in two of our home cities, Helsinki and Singapore! Singapore is known as the premier startup launchpad of Southeast Asia and acts as a hub for great funding opportunities, market reach, and startup experiences. Slush Singapore has already run for years with over 3000 attendees, 360 startups, 250 investors, 300 volunteers, and 90 speakers just last year alone.

UpCloud is partnering together with a bunch of big names from the industry and exhibiting at the event this year as well. The main event will be held on September 14th but the schedule is full of interesting pre-events and parties. There’s always a ton to do so make sure to check out their calendar if you are attending, and don’t forget to come to say hi!

Let’s team up!

We’ve got much planned for the future but we are also always interested in hearing about your events. If you would like to host meetups with best in the tech, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us for any ideas and requests for collaborations in future events!

Janne Ruostemaa


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