Blog UpCloud Support is now available 24/7, all year round!

UpCloud Support is now available 24/7, all year round!

We have been hard at work hiring new, great talent and continued accelerating our growth internationally. UpCloud recently opened new offices in both London and Singapore to increase our presence in those regions and with these new offices, we are one step closer to our goal of being available anywhere our users are.

UpCloud support available now 24/7

Today, we are proud to announce that UpCloud Support is officially always available and ready to help whenever you need us via email and phone! We have been silently offering 24/7 support for a while to make sure that the transition goes smoothly, and while we kept it under the wraps for a time, improvements in multiple areas are already starting to show.

Increasing our availability is having a great positive effect on our already great response times, while also allowing us to spend an increased amount of time with each user. Furthermore, we want our talented support team to be available to all our users and have therefore not restricted it behind any expensive SLA agreements. Instead, it will continue to be available to all of our users completely for free as it has always been.

How we provide the best support for the fastest cloud

World’s fastest cloud servers‘ has been our long-standing slogan, but we are also proud to provide our users with world-class support. How do we achieve this and what effects have we seen since we began offering an always-available support service? Read in our blog as we introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes.

Call or email us at any time and we will be eager to help you with anything from getting started to providing you with assistance regarding any of our services. In the end, we are here to provide our users with the world’s greatest support for the world’s greatest cloud.

Best regards,

Arttu Uskali
Head of Support

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    1. Hi there, please refer to this tutorial if you have difficulty connecting to your cloud server. If you have any further problems, don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat, email or phone.

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Helsinki (HQ)

In the capital city of Finland, you will find our headquarters, and our first data centre. This is where we handle most of our development and innovation.


London was our second office to open, and a important step in introducing UpCloud to the world. Here our amazing staff can help you with both sales and support, in addition to host tons of interesting meetups.


Singapore was our 3rd office to be opened, and enjoys one of most engaged and fastest growing user bases we have ever seen.


Seattle is our 4th and latest office to be opened, and our way to reach out across the pond to our many users in the Americas.