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Storage performance
UpCloud Azure
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Key points

We believe that enterprise-grade performance and reliability should be available for every SMB company. With this thought in mind, we developed our own storage technology MaxIOPS.

It’s explicitly built to give you the best I/O performance per dollar, without sacrificing any reliability! MaxIOPS often provides you with more than 2x the performance over enterprise-grade SSDs. In addition, to provide you with the consistent high performance we’ve had to limit it to 100,000 IOPS per virtual storage device!

Industry leading IaaS marketplace analyst Cloud Spectator has chosen UpCloud twice as #1 performance leader in Europe among 10 top European cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean, Google, 1and1, CenturyLink, Rackspace, OVH, and Softlayer).

Microsoft Azure’s block storage has a very low performance even if you select the Premium SSD. If you are looking for high-performance storage on Azure, you have to upgrade to their Ultra disk storage plan which still caps throughput by disk capacity.

Private networking and Floating IPs are essentials in building modern and scalable web applications. A private network lets your cloud servers communicate through a secure channel that is not exposed to the public network (i.e. the Internet) and doesn’t count towards your bandwidth costs.

Unlike on most cloud providers, our private Utility network spans all our data centres and regions and is not isolated to a single data centre.

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With UpCloud, you get full flexibility with resources you use! All cloud servers can be deployed using cost-effective Simple plans or with fully customizable Flexible plans, completely according to your budget and needs. You can choose the amount of CPUs, RAM and storage that your service or application needs. Also, you are able to switch between Simple plans and Flexible configurations at any time. With this much freedom you are in complete control of your performance and costs.

When choosing Microsoft Azure, you are forced to pick from a confusing number of resource plans they have pieced together for you. Once you’ve selected a plan you can’t be as flexible as you want with it. If you ever hit a bottleneck with resources provided by Azure your only option is to try to find a new plan that somewhat matching your requirements. By doing so you end up with a considerably more expensive system and wasting money on resources you don’t use.

What our users have to say

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How created a scalable hosting environment for WordPress and WooCommerce provides robust and user-friendly WordPress website hosting and web design service as a turnkey solution.

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How ClauseBase advanced trust and performance of their platform

ClauseBase has really enjoyed the flexibility provided by UpCloud's services, they are now able to do all required setups themselves.

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On UpCloud, Kepler Hosting has achieved faster application load and response times and maximised the efficiency of their infrastructure.

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UpCloud's specialised cloud computing environment and online services have enabled Sofia Digital to move their servers and services from on-premises into the cloud.

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How Admin Labs built trusted monitoring on cloud reliability

Thanks to UpCloud’s extremely fast and low latency network, we are able to effectively monitor our own and our customers’ systems and services.

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How took control of server management with ease

We offer web hosting and managed servers and we have found UpCloud to be the fastest and the most reliable for our use.

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How DrugBank considerably increased website speed and reliability

Our website is now much faster after migrating to UpCloud than on our previous host as reported by Google page speed insights.

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How Nomadat enhanced years of experience with faster infra

By our calculations, the speed and performance of our infrastructure on UpCloud are now up to 60% faster depending on the website.

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How Hostaan launched a new hosting service on UpCloud

UpCloud's 100% SLA gives us an environmental advantage to offer the best reliability to our customers.

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How Visuon simplified hosting by consolidating on one provider

Standardising our systems on a single service has made managing our servers faster and easier saving us time and money.

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How Hosted Power leaps beyond the conventionally possible

One thing we've noticed in particular is that some websites and applications are sometimes already up to 100% faster just by moving onto UpCloud.

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How BNESIM built their global mobile network on the agility of the cloud

Our high availability setup has proven very reliable, we haven’t had a single outage due to technical problems while hosting on UpCloud.

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How Space2host is delivering perfect uptime for half the cost

UpCloud Singapore DC delivers 100% uptime, security, cloud performance, snapshot backup, and with MaxIOPS storage, there is no one that compares to UpCloud.

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How Haltu built intricate customer solutions on simplicity

Haltu, an agile software development house, built intricate customer solutions on simplicity of UpCloud infrastructure.

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How Anders built their services on minimum maintenance

Consolidating almost everything hosting related to a single provider has been a huge management relief for our system administrators.

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How Ruby Studio built trusted design on reliability

With the new solution, we have achieved complete transparency and control. If we experience issues with a server, our server team will always be on top of it even before a client reports the issue.

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How Critical Force supercharged their game with MaxIOPS

UpCloud has enabled us to run large datasets on individual servers. Due to the extreme IOPS performance, we’ve consolidated our services from tens of hosts to but a few high-powered systems.

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How Evermade cloudified their company infrastructure

Cloud-based company infrastructure has provided many benefits. For example, working remotely is a breeze since our work is not tied to any office location or even a specific computer.

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How Fraktio attained rock-solid stability

We have been enjoying the competitive pricing. On top of that, the customer service is always very friendly and responsive thanks to UpCloud being far less corporate than other providers.

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How Sitesbi raised their SLA way above industry norms

Thanks to your offerings, our SLA is almost as good as yours. Your backups are also, in our experience, the best in the market. It was love at first sight.

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How Barabra took control of their cloud hosting solution

We're able to adapt to different situations much better thanks to being in full control of our software stack. The ability to activate and deactivate instances on-demand has proven very useful.

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How SportMonks increased their API performance to new heights

The new servers at UpCloud are so much faster on the disk, CPU, and memory performance. We get way more requests out of the same amount of money that the migration was well worth it.

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UpCloud Microsoft Azure Difference
Instance 2 CPU, 4GB Memory, 80GB MaxIOPS Standard_F2s_v2 + 64GB Premium SSD
Location Amsterdam West Europe (Netherlands)
Price (USD) $40/mo $133.73/mo -6.7x
Disk I/O (sysbench, 4 KB random read) 110295 IOPS 5120 IOPS +21.5x
Disk I/O (sysbench, 4 KB random write) 37144 IOPS 3143 IOPS +11.8x
CPU(sysbench, 64 threads) 1275 events/sec 720 events/sec +1.8x
Memory(sysbench, 4MB write 100GB) 36199 MiB/sec 17393 MiB/sec +2.1x

UpCloud is like tank.

It helps us deal with incoming traffic of 1,8 TB/day on a single e-commerce site. Achievement “100% SLA” completed 🙂

Adam Piotrowski, Lead Software Engineer

Nimble IaaS provider

If you’re looking for a nimble IaaS provider, check out UpCloud. Great service, good prices, all-around nice guys =)

Tapio Äijälä

Significant database access speedup

Brought up another UpCloud server & activated the most troublesome site on it – significant database access speedup, looks like we have a winner!

Peter Maloy

As far as I see, UpCloud’s new DC in Helsinki is SO GOOD. It’s surely lovely. 🙂

Makoto Mizukami

Trusted by the best


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