Blog UpCloud arrives in Australia: We’re opening a new data centre in Sydney

UpCloud arrives in Australia: We’re opening a new data centre in Sydney

Sydney data centre

We couldn’t be more thrilled about how promising the year 2021 has started. After announcing our newly updated UpCloud Terraform provider, we have more exciting news to share. UpCloud is expanding to another continent with a brand new data centre! We are happy to be introducing AU-SYD1 in the financial capital of Australia, Sydney.

“We’ve had a large base of users from Australia and New Zealand using our Singapore data centre for a long time. Many of them asked us to expand our service offering to Australia. We also believe that Australian users will value a new cloud provider offering a more premium level of features, such as 100% uptime SLA, 24/7 technical support and personal approach,” says UpCloud’s CEO Antti Vilpponen.

Geographical proximity to a data centre results in better latency. Therefore location in Sydney will improve service provided to businesses with users in Australia and Oceania. And while our initial launch is not yet taking full advantage of this, our provider connectivity is going to increase in the near future. Equinix’s flagship Sydney data centre SY5, where UpCloud’s new AU-SYD1 is located, belongs to the most networked data centre campus in Sydney. With 9,220 cabinets when fully built, it’s the largest Equinix’s data centre in Australia. 

The AU-SYD1 is be available in the UpCloud Control Panel starting from 31st March 2021. If you choose to deploy your servers there, you can count on the same exceptional performance as in our other data centres. The highest security and reliability standards go without saying. Moreover, all our new data centres feature the AMD EPYC processors with more CPU cores and increased performance.

New data centre locations coming up

With the opening of the Sydney data centre, we continue our expansion to the world. Last year we launched three new sites – in New York, Madrid and Warsaw. The AU-SYD1 is hence our 12th data centre in the world. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Interested in our Sydney availability zone? Start deploying today!

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  1. Nice! I will try for my site, and why is the price different from other locations?

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