Posted on 17.10.2017

New Libcloud provider! UpCloud joins the unified cloud interface

APIs, or application programming interfaces, come in as many shapes and sizes as the services they are built for. While it is completely natural that APIs are optimized for their specific systems, the benefits of interoperabilities between similar services are obvious. This is exactly what the folks at Cloudkick set out to solve when originally beginning the development of Libcloud.

One Interface to rule them all

Apache Libcloud is a Python programming language library that unifies supported cloud provider APIs under a single interface. It’s an open source cloud interface that works with most popular providers. Libcloud manages to hide the differences between the numerous APIs. Therefore allowing you to easily manage cloud resources across multiple platforms.

Thanks to the single API provided by Libcloud, it’s incredibly easy for developers to build products compatible with any of the supported services. The available resources are generally divided into the following categories:

  • Cloud Servers and Block Storage
  • Cloud Object Storage and CDN
  • Load Balancers as a Service
  • DNS as a Service

A single provider might not offer resources in all of these categories. The advantage of the collective services in Libcloud is allowing the developers to pick and choose the best components they need regardless of the provider.

Announcing UpCloud driver for Libcloud

We are proud to announce that our Libcloud driver for UpCloud has been added to their repositories. The initial submission was recently reviewed and approved for merge. As a result, Upcloud is now available on their development channel!

The first implementation focuses on providing support for compute node deployment and management. Using their provider agnostic API you will have much of the same options for deploying cloud servers as you would with the full UpCloud API.

As we celebrate being included as a Libcloud provider, our developers are already hard at work to improve and expand support. Stay tuned for updates on the API driver and other applications while we continue building our software support library on GitHub.

Getting started

With Libcloud you have the tools to integrate UpCloud’s blazing fast servers to practically any application without breaking a sweat. Developing against their unified API is as simple as it gets. All you need is to have access to the services you wish to use. You can get started by registering for a free trial account on UpCloud. Then check out our intro guide to Libcloud or other things API to let your web project or service take flight.

Janne Ruostemaa


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