Posted on 4.6.2024

Removing uncertainty with zero-cost egress: Hear from our CEO

Just recently, we announced big changes to our pricing model having introduced zero-cost egress, with the news continuing to excite the developer community. 

As mentioned in our blog, the move is a significant milestone in our mission to simplify cloud infrastructure services and offer exceptional value for our customers.

We sat down with our CEO, Antti Vilpponen to find out more on the move to zero-cost egress. Check out what he has to say below:

Why did UpCloud decide to introduce zero-cost egress?

At UpCloud, our mission has always been to simplify cloud infrastructure. With the launch of zero-cost egress, we are simplifying the cloud cost structure further. Up until now, customers could have been hit with unnecessarily high egress fees from their cloud service providers. 

Since day one, UpCloud has had a strong developer-focused mindset. Based on feedback from our vibrant developer community, the common refrain of frustration over unpredictable and high egress costs has been heard and answered. No longer will egress fees remain a limiting factor to projects and innovations, so businesses can excel using our infrastructure. 

Why is zero-cost egress important to developers and companies?

Egress fees are the last unknown pricing mechanism in the cloud cost structure. When customers deploy their application to the cloud, they never know what they will have to pay for egress in advance. At UpCloud, we have removed that uncertainty with the launch of our zero-cost egress pricing model. 

How does the new pricing model benefit the customers? 

With the new model, customers don’t need to worry about egress fees on their invoice, creating predictability without sacrificing the quality of services enabling them to scale seamlessly and at ease. 

Customers have always been a priority for us, and while egress is a significant revenue driver for many cloud providers, we wanted to take a proactive approach to minimising the uncertainty which network transfer fees bring to customers, handing back control over cloud costs. 

What are your expectations for the impacts in the cloud industry? 

UpCloud is pioneering this new egress pricing structure for the industry. Although there are legal processes undergoing where customers should not pay for egress fees when leaving a provider, however, at UpCloud we want to take that a step further and eliminate the egress fees entirely.

Zero-cost egress from UpCloud is here! Take advantage of cloud cost predictability without having to sacrifice performance.

You can find out more about zero-cost egress on the service page, in our documentation, and on our Fair Transfer Policy page.

Fiona Horan

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