Posted on 4.3.2013

UpCloud Launches in Europe with 100 000 euro giveaway

We are proud to announce that UpCloud is launching in Europe today. This means we are opening up the service for our international customers wishing to purchase server resources from our London and Helsinki data centres.

Launching internationally is something we’ve been aiming for from the start. To celebrate this unique day, we are announcing a 100 000 euro giveaway campaign for new registered users! The first 1000 registered users to sign-up through our campaign page will receive the chance to get a 100 euro voucher. Please read the instructions on our campaign sign-up page for more information.

For our international customers, we bring a lot of value other providers in the market do not offer. The core building blocks of UpCloud are extreme redundancy, built on enterprise quality hardware while maintaining competitive pricing and constantly high performing server resources on all service plans. At UpCloud we believe there is still a lot of room available for innovation in the cloud infrastructure industry.

We truly believe we are building something unique with UpCloud and hope you feel the same as you get acquainted with our offering. If anything comes up, please do not hesitate to call us (now available 24/7) or send us an email. We always want to learn how you are or want to be using the service.

Try for free!

We offer a 72-hour Free Trial to help you to speed up your WordPress or eCommerce! Fastest cloud servers with 2x the performance as the competition & 100% uptime SLA. Deploy in seconds, pay less. Get started now! Free trials available here

In case you would like to learn more about some specific detail of the infrastructure described here, don’t hesitate to contact UpCloud at our sales ([email protected]).

Janne Ruostemaa


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