UpCloud becomes verified Terraform provider along with major update

UpCloud verified Terraform provider

Terraform is a popular open-source software tool created by HashiCorp. Terraform allows users to define infrastructure-as-code using a simple, human-readable language. It enables you to take full control of your cloud infrastructure using declarative configuration files to manage services and resources.

The UpCloud Terraform provider module integrates our infrastructure with Terraform and has been available open-source on GitHub already for some time. Following a number of newly launched features and services on UpCloud, we’ve released a major update for the UpCloud Terraform module. And along with the update, our Terraform provider module has now also been verified by HashiCorp and added to the Terraform Registry!

Verified Terraform provider

UpCloud has joined as a member of the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program. As part of the membership, the authenticity of the UpCloud Terraform provider has been verified by HashiCorp to meet the highest standards. Verified providers are actively maintained by contributors to stay up-to-date and compatible with both Terraform and their respective providers. To indicate the mutual trust, the verified badge appears next to modules that are published by a verified source.

Terraform Registry is the main source for publicly available Terraform providers. It offers a browsable and searchable interface for finding providers. But more importantly, the registry enables Terraform CLI to automatically install any of the providers it hosts.

The Terraform Registry is integrated directly into Terraform. Consequently, Terraform can reference any module in the registry without having to search and download modules manually. As a verified provider, the UpCloud Terraform module is now available in the Terraform Registry. Our Terraform module is now easy to find and installs automatically via Terraform.

Get started with Terraform on UpCloud

Learn more about Terraform on UpCloud by checking out our tutorial series and taking it out for a spin. Furthermore, make sure to check out Terraform documentation to learn more about Terraform itself.

Otherwise, if you are already familiar with Terraform and would like to see it put to proper use, have a look at our guide on how to deploy infrastructure for a high-availability web application using Terraform.

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