Posted on 6.2.2018

Updates to the API client libraries and something extra!

We first introduced a set of new API client libraries for the UpCloud API almost two months ago and are continuing the work. The code base has been getting better by the day with bug fixes and other updates. You guys, our users, have been a huge help by reporting issues and suggestions. With this post, we wanted to send out a status update on these libraries along with a little extra about a future addition.

Latest news on the libraries

With the latest updates, each of the API client libraries is aimed to empower everyone from expert programmers to development orientated tinkerers with the best tools to build upon our infrastructure. They are a great way for you to gain direct access to all of our features and services in your favourite programming language.

Java API client

The Java API client has received a couple of updates since its debut. It is now ready for the limelight and can be installed from the GitHub repo as usual.

JavaScript API client

The API client for JavaScript has got a number of updates and fixes. Besides being available on GitHub, the client library can now also be found in the npm package manager repository with easy install commands.

PHP API client

The PHP API client is up to date on issues and fixes. It can be installed via Packagist, the default Composer package repository.

C# API client

The API client library for C# has also been updated and is ready to go. It can be installed as normal from the GitHub repo.

Ruby API client

The Ruby API client still requires a little bit of work to fix the current problem with the tests but should be up to spec soon.

How to get started

If you’ve yet to take an API client library out for a spin, right now is a great time to get started! You can find instructions for installing the libraries and documentation about their usage in each repository. If you want to learn more about the UpCloud API, check out our getting started guide or take a look at the API documentation.

What’s to come

Last but not least, a little teaser as promised. We have been working on support for Terraform, a popular open source infrastructure management tool. When ready, Terraform will allow you to treat cloud server configurations as code that can be safely and predictably deployed, changed, and improved.

Stay tuned for further updates on Terraform and more by following us on Twitter @UpCloud. Also, make sure to message us if you are developing something with our application interface clients. We are always excited to hear about the awesome project you guys are working on!

Janne Ruostemaa


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